Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How you do'win?

Say It Like You Mean It!  Shout it out!

I'm a little addicted to watching the Wendy Williams show.  I love the gossip.  I love the stars. I love the drollin' over food when she does cooking segments.  Heck... I love Shakeetha!

Wendy's Say It Like You Mean It Summer Tour came to Minneapolis on Friday, August 26th at the Minnesota State Fair at 3:30 PM at the FOX 9 booth!  You know I was right up there ready and waiting to get a close up of her.

She is totally a friend in my head!


Wendy's stylist.

Wendy spotted some deep fried bacon in the crowd :)

My favorite pic of her!  Kinda like she's saying, "Girl... quit takin' my picture!"

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