100 Things About Me

  1. I’m a Scorpio… and so is my husband.
  2. I can’t wait to become a mom… I’ve wanted this longer than I wanted a certain pair of shoes.
  3. I don’t think you can have too many pairs of Adidas, especially now that they have one to match every color…
  4. I hate it when people where more than one label… like a Nike sweatshirt with Reebok shoes
  5. I am addicted to blogging and reading blogs… daily.
  6. I prefer to have my coffee with flavored liquid creamer and sugar but will settle for powdered non flavored nasty chalk and sugar.
  7. I remember being in preschool… that’s one of my earliest memories. The jungle gym that was in the back room. The middle room is where we sat in a circle and learned songs like “She’ll be coming around the mountain”. The front room is where we had naps and snack time – and anything with small motor skills.
  8. I love shopping the day after major holidays at the butt crack of dawn.
  9. When I’m sad I love to shop to cheer myself up.
  10. I’m addicted to Target.
  11. I’m more addicted to Target’s clearance sections!
  12. I’m a bargain shopper to the fullest. Sales, coupons, clearance… digging in dumpsters.
  13. I take one of my nicknames of “Ghetto Martha Stewart” seriously… her looks don’t have to cost that much… honestly.
  14. I love lists… and I’m not sure why I haven’t created this one until now!
  15. I’m addicted to calendars. In my cube at work I have one hanging on my wall, one that is a day to day one, and one that has a recipe on it for every two days for crock-pot cooking. Then there is my gmail calendar and my outlook calendar. There’s one on my phone at work… and one on my cell phone. Whew!
  16. The car I took my drivers test in was brand new. So new that I didn’t know how to turn the lights on since they were automatic and I was docked points for that.
  17. I loved being in High School – it was the homework that I hated.
  18. I loved being in college – it was the professors that I hated.
  19. In college I was in student government. I was the President of my dorm and also the person who went to the super duper student government meetings brought the dorm issues to them and vice versa.
  20. My first job was at Dayton’s in the accessories department.
  21. Born a Packer fan, raised a Packer fan, will die a Packer fan. It’s in my blood.
  22. 9/11 scared the hell out of me. I lived by myself at the time and remember the security planes flying over my apartment checking out downtown St. Paul, MPLS, and the Mall of America.
  23. On 9/12 I had to work at the Mall of America. I hated every minute I was there. No customers were there so we left early.
  24. My second car I bought at a garage sale. It’s still running just fine.
  25. I’m a blood Aunt of four.
  26. I’m a step Aunt of one.
  27. I’m an Aunt by marriage three times.
  28. I'm a Step Mom of two.
  29. I wish I had paid more attention in my photography class in high school… but then again that was when cameras had actual film.
  30. My favorite cocktail is an Electric Lemonade or a Strawberry Daiquiri.
  31. My 16th birthday I had my first boy/girl party.
  32. I loved going to school dances…. With or without a date.
  33. I met my husband thru a mutual friend… the first time I saw him he was walking past my car to her house.
  34. I hate taking the garbage out.
  35. I get satisfaction out of a clean kitchen after cooking a great meal.
  36. I love special colored pens – you won’t find a black pen in mine unless it’s got a cool barrel.
  37. I am an organized freak– except for my junk.
  38. I love Puffs Plus with Lotion since the day they came out.
  39. I have worn glasses since the third grade.
  40. When I was younger I would read my horoscope daily in the newspaper or have my mom read it to me.
  41. My first trip out of the United States was to Canada on a family vacation.
  42. My first trip out of the United States on my own (no parents) was to Cancun, Mexico.
  43. The second trip out of the US on my own was on my honeymoon.
  44. I grew up spending my summers on a sailboat with my parents.
  45. I wish summers were as long as they were when I was younger. Some summers were so long that I forgot who I was friends with at school because I didn’t see them alllllll summer long.
  46. I miss nap time.
  47. When I was in middle school two friends and I would go to the corner candy store and buy candy. Of course we hid on the playground and scarfed down all the candy before we went home.
  48. I love del.icio.us. I will never loose my bookmarks ever again to a computer crashing.
  49. Celebrity’s lives amuse me. I love Entertainment Tonight, Star magazine, and trashy tabloids.
  50. I think #49 is due to New Kids on the Block and being a Block Head.
  51. Speaking of NKOTB, I use to have posters on every wall of my room from carpet to ceiling. I wasn’t allowed to put them on my ceiling… but if I could…..
  52. I went to my first and only NKOTB concert with about 10 other girls in 1994, with my mom and my mom #2.
  53. I’ve managed to never break any bones so far in my life.
  54. I’ve been in plenty of car accidents. The first being in the driveway of where I was growing up with both of my sisters.
  55. I got my first stitches in said car accident.
  56. One time at a last day of school picnic I was playing on a teeter totter with a boy named Chris. He jumped off the teeter totter I went flying onto the metal pipe that was holding the seats (wood plank) of the teeter totter. Needless to say I left the picnic with my dad to get more stitches.
  57. I played with dolls and Barbie dolls for far too long.
  58. My favorite color is that spring grass color green - yellow green. I hated it growing up.
  59. I remember my friend’s phone number from 3rd grade. Helps that her parents still have that number :)
  60. I remember dialing the phone number to someone that lived within my town and only have to dial the last four digits.
  61. I love the idea of scrap booking. I just never wanted to do it but have all my photos in books done.
  62. In my college dorm I had a twister board on the ceiling of our room my freshman year.
  63. I don’t understand why someone wouldn’t get a scratch and dent item at a store… they usually aren’t that bad and can be fixed.
  65. My favorite meal is a salad with French dressing , a well done steak with a baked potato with cheese, butter and sour cream and a tall tall tall glass of milk.
  66. I didn’t eat crab legs until Jerome and I moved in together. He showed me how at an Asian Buffet place and I’ve been hooked ever since.
  67. I have a bad addiction to purses. I can never have too many. As well as wallets or coin purses.
  68. I love getting real mail. Not bills… not junk mail… real mail.
  69. I hate getting emails that if I don’t pass on to 5 people in the next 10 minuets I’ll have bad luck for the next 20 years.
  70. I can't believe I own a dog.
  71. I love 90’s music.
  72. The cartoon Maxine from Hallmark cracks me up. I have a calendar with her on it, and an old calendar that I don’t show the dates on – just the pictures.
  73. I wish my hubby would bring me home flowers more often.
  74. I love when my hubby cooks. The food just has more flavor.
  75. I have to rewrite notes… constantly. Back when we would write letters I would rewrite them like 5 times before I’d actually send them off.
  76. I sing in my car by myself at the top of my lungs.
  77. I love wearing baseball caps with sweatshirts.
  78. I defiantly am a winter person. Actually more like spring… I love the coolness but warm enough to wear a light jacket.
  79. I defiantly not a summer person. I hate sunburns, sweating, heat,.
  80. From birth to 12th Grade I lived in three different places – first a house, then an apartment, then a new house.
  81. When I came home from college my parents had moved out of the house I grew up in and have been on the go ever since.
  82. I miss Christmas with my family – my parents, my sisters, and their families. I wish we could do it every year.
  83. I have two siblings – both sisters. One is 7 years older than me, the other is 11 years older than me. Can you say oops?
  84. While growing up my mom would shop at the local grocery store – it had less than 20 aisles. I would sit and read Big Bopper while she shopped.
  85. My mom and I would go shopping from right after church every Sunday… grabbing taco bell for dinner until the stores closed.
  86. I love to travel but it’s way to expensive for us.
  87. I’m a Pampered Chef junkie. From the day I was shown a catalog I was into it. So much so that I became a consultant.
  88. I love black and white photos – of people, of land, of buildings… I think I would have loved black and white TV.
  89. I’d love to be a retro sitcom housewife. Donning an apron in heels and patting the children on their heads on their way off to school.
  90. When I was younger I wanted to become an artist when I “grew up”. I went to an art school for interior design. I left after three and a half years and got a corporate gig.
  91. My eyes change colors with my mood. Light blue, dark blue, green, hazel and grey.
  92. My favorite color changes often too… purple, aqua, green, even pink now can you believe it?
  93. I graduated from high school in 1996.
  94. I had a favorite color in my crayon box in grade school – Seafoam Green which is now just called Sea Green.
  95. Some days I miss my acrylic nails. I had them for over five years.
  96. I like to have a lot of light in rooms – except for when I’m trying to sleep… then I want it to pitch black.
  97. I hate pancakes… especially burnt ones.
  98. I would never drink a diet soda... until this past year when my hubby started to drink them.  Now... I don't have an issue with them.
  99. I have a weakness for watching The Wendy Williams Show.  Can you say guilty pleasure?!?!?!