Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dealio's Deal

If you see me around town I'll probably be toting this here bag around with me.  Yup... you got it... my coupon bag.  Isn't she a beaut?!?!  It's from Land's End and is the medium sized long handled tote.  I absolutely love it!

It's the perfect size for placing my ever expanding and no longer zipping Penny in along with a reusable bag or two and my wallet.  The extra long strap/handle makes it easy to swing onto my shoulder while carrying the rest of my purchases out to the car.

And the better thing was the price.  FREE!  Well... sort of.  Back in December I won a gift card for Lands End at a Twitter party.  I could have purchased it then... but instead opted for items in the Lands End Outlet near me.  I had a few bucks leftover, and well it went towards this. A few extra bucks and poof... it's all mine!

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