Thursday, March 24, 2011

Laundry Room Makeover - Before

This room is a straight up mess.  It needs help.  Lots of it.

Entering the Yellow cave

I spy a pile... although all the same items there has got to be a better place for these

Game, drinky drinks and Pampered Chef storage.... for now.  Still waiting to finish the hutch for the drinky drinks 

From the far wall looking towards the door.  Yep... that's a disgusting fish tank with no fish in it.

pile o clothes, sewing machine table covered in clothes and a rack that fell 1/2 way out of the wall

sewing table covered in clothes

dumpster diving cabinet with missing door... totes of clothes

bassinet that doubles as a rolling laundry cart just like in the laundry mat!

Piles of "to do" laundry

Random shelf of junk

our old dryer

our old downstairs bathroom sink (waiting for dumpster days to get rid of) and old dryer

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  1. Now THIS is a great post...can't wait to see the transformation! :)