Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Twitter World

So are you a Tweeter?  A Twitterer? A Tweep?

Well I joined Twitter a while back when NKOTB was the topic of my life in 2008... trying to figure out if it was really them tweeting or not. Thus... my twitter name... 2008blockhead.  Yeah... I know.

Anyways... recently the hubby's cousin's wife and I have been having a total blast on Twitter joining Twitter parties.  Yes... Twitter parties.  It's fun and you can win prizes.  It takes about an hour for a party and all you do is follow the "host" of the party and tweet back to them using a special hashtag that is specific for the party.

Now mind you... more than one party could be going on at one time... or back to back or back to back to back!  I've spent the better parts of some days on Twitter lately!  And for good reason.  I've won quite a few gifts from these Twitter parties!

Here's the list so far:
  • Game Party in Motion on Kinect
  • $100 Lands' End gift card
  • Organic Sugar Scrub
  • Yoomi Game for Ipad
  • $25 Lands' End Gift Card
  • Flatout wraps
  • CVS Trivia Tuesday giveaway
  • Eli's Cheesecake Holliday Sampler
Won't you join me?

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