Friday, December 24, 2010

I still believe in Santa Claus

I was thinking back to Christmas years past.  I miss joining my family in my mom's house, eating great snacks and opening a billion gifts.  Here's to wishful thinking... and here's to Christmas years past...


Allie's first Christmas

Thinking Bunny Hop

Getting loopy with Casera

Note... peach suit

I didn't get the red/black combo memo

I didn't get the red/black combo meno

Tammy's wondering when will Kim ever be done opening all those gifts

Christmas in Florida... no snow :(

a hands on photo in 1998

where is the tree?

not my first Christmas... but probably my 2nd

dancing on the counter

my momma and me

Who said a perm was a good idea or a one piece polkadotted jumpsuit?

Note... peach suit round 2 and Pam in the floral blazer round 2 too!

I look like I'm a Harry Potter fan

big tree... ton of gifts

nice socks Kimmy :)
I still believe

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  1. that made me laugh out loud!!! Seriously! Thanks!