Monday, January 03, 2011


Would my three readers be interested in seeing just what I get in my mailbox for free each week?  If so, great... if not... too bad you're getting it anyways!

I sign up for a ton of freebies, coupons, etc and I thought this year I would like to track just what it is that I get for free.  So... here's my plan (maybe it's a New Year's resolution?) I plan to take a photo of what I've received in my mailbox each week... mind you you won't be seeing my bills or personal mail or anything like that... just my freebies.

I'll call it... ummmm... well... you tell me!  Leave me a comment on this post as to what you think I should call it.  I know I want to have the year in the title somewhere... so don't forget that!

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  1. What's in Your Mailbox? 2011 (Like what's in Your Wallet?)