Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Coming Back

So... it's been awhile... a long while. But, I think I'm ready to come back into the world of blogging. Strange huh? I kinda missed it.

I've been sucked deep into the land of Facebook. Working with only status updates characters and it's just not always enough space. Here... I've got room and room so much room that I thought I had to down size to just a few characters via Facebook or Twitter.

But I'm back! I can't promise how often... or for how long but know that I'm here and alive and kickin'.

I've missed you and will holla back at you soon!


  1. For crying out loud girl, can't you multi task ;) Glad you are coming back.

  2. When I "left" I wanted less space to write... and now... well now I got stuff built up to talk about again I think :)