Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Freebie here. Freebie there. Freebies everywhere.

So today JT and I headed over to Ihop for 3 free pancakes each for National Pancake Day. Yup... you heard that right... FREE. They had Channel 9 News there... we're hoping we didn't make the cut. They were there because Miss Minnesota was there... but she wasn't eating pancakes.

The other week we headed to Denny's for a free Grand Slam (pancakes, bacon, eggs). I must say... Denny's was the much better deal and a much better experience. No news people, no chicks in crowns, warmer food, not to mention better food and a cheaper bill.

I'm kinda surprised at all the freebies I've been finding lately. Facebook keeps me on my toes and I try to alert my friends... now if they appreciate it or not I'm not sure... but I hope someone does!

Yesterday when I went to Target I had a stack of coupons to use... anything from a free bottle of International Delight Coffee Creamer to $4 off a DiGiorno pizza and everything in between. When my total rang up and I saw a $35 savings I was pretty pleased at myself for cutting and hunting for those coupons.

This Friday I'll be trying my hand at Let's Dish. We received a gift certificate from my family to help with some meals while the hubs is on the mend from surgery. Should be interesting to go and prep it and then take it home and toss in the freezer till we're ready to eat it. We have a friend of a friend who is a manager at the location where we are going... hopefully she will give us some tips since she already gave us a hook up on a great coupon :) Thanks Cheri!

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  1. Hey Kim, you probably know about this site, but she actually gives you the Target secrets, and others too. Two weeks ago, I saved $185 at Target, my total came out to be $135 so I actually saved more than I paid which was so much fun. Granted, since I had not been out of the house much in two months, we had not done a big shop for a while!