Monday, December 01, 2008

Black Friday 2008 Recap

Here's the run down:

- 4am door opening, arrived at 3amThought I was first in line while lining up at the usual first door like the last three years. Started the line and a group came up to line up behind me. But they read the signs on the door stating that these doors wouldn't be open, so around the corner we went. 15th in line and still got my Roomba and earrings. But my card was declined when I tried to purchase the Roomba 5 minuets after purchasing the earrings and GPS unit on the first floor. Wells Fargo thought my card was stolen and locked it.

Walmart while JT was at Sears and Target in Burnsville - 5am door opening but I arrive around 4:45am
First off, it's Ghetto Walmart. Everyone and their brother was at this Walmart. Ugh. Since I was already at Kohl's and also tried to get cash out of an ATM in the opposite direction of Walmart I was not going to get "in line". I parked my car, called Jerome and told him the situation with my card. He was in line at Sears and told me that after Target he would meet me at Walmart. People were pissed when others from the parking lot thought they would stroll up to the doors. People in line started yelling and pointing to the back of a line in a chant of "Back of the Line, Back of the Line!" when the parking lot shoppers chatted back "Hell no we won't go". I had to laugh, knowing I was standing in the middle of both of these groups. Check out the video I took with my phone once we all crammed to the closed doors... it was a blast yet very scary. I ran through with my Ikea bags in hand, dumping all the items on our list into the bags. This was a great idea. Glad I grabbed two and not just one single bag. Eventually I had everything on our list and then was waiting on Jerome. There I sat at Ghetto Walmart for a total of 2 hours waiting on Jerome to bail me out by bringing me cash after he went to Sears and Target in Burnsville.

Sam's Club
Picked up some noise canceling headphones for my man.

I had items on my list that Jerome wasn't able to find when he was in Burnsville. I got everything with the exception of a Charging or Docking Station for cell phones, ipods, and bluetooths.

Picked up some b1g1 free booster seats for Tink

Best Buy
Norton Anti Virus for 2009, a gift for a family member and another item

Toys R Us
Toy for Tink

Bed Bath and Beyond
I had a $10 gift certificate and a $5 off coupon plus the 20% off coupon that I received at the door. Usually this would not be on my list of places to go, but with $15 I knew I could find something. I got a table for my laptop... but once getting it home I will be taking it back... sigh.

The Avenue
$5 sweaters that I could not pass up. Sweet!

Ultimate Electronics
Again, not on my list of places to go... but I did it for Jerome even though I don't think he needs more speakers even if they are b1g1 free.

Old Navy
Got Pork Chop a toy

2nd Target of the Day
Found the docking station!

Casual Male
Had a coupon for $25 off a purchase plus a 10% discount. Got a few sweaters for Jerome.

The only store that I came out empty handed. No sale :(

World Market
Found a better docking station!

Found Jerome's car jack that he wasn't able to find in the Burnsville store.

This took me 12 hours. This included one trip back into the 2nd Target to the bathroom and a brunch date with Tiff and Sarah at Perkins - I think that was about an hour.

Note to self: Next year... bring cash - screw the cards, that's two years in a row that we had issues. Bring Ikea bags again - I got tons of "that's a smart move" from fellow shoppers, thanks Micaela for the idea!

****** Pictures and Video coming soon *******


  1. You are a trooper!! Andy had fun at Walmart in the AM. In and out in 10 mins. flat! He is a man of action!! LOL