Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Awwww :(

I emailed an old co-worker a few months back to see how she was doing since leaving the company. She didn't reply right away and I figured it was a doomed friendship. Well last week she emailed me back... finally.

Needless to say since she left she's had a few issues and hasn't had the time to write. Thankfully she took the time to write to tell me that she was still alive and things were finally looking up for her and her hubby.

I emailed her back right away answering questions that she had and giving her a little update on our life here. She isn't a blog follower so I really had to update her on what's been going on. I mentioned Pork Chop among these things.

She wrote me back today and asked how my dear Lily was dealing with Pork Chop. Awwwww :( My Lily... which then made me look back on my Lily posts here on the blog to see her again. I still miss her... and think of her still.

I hope you found a home my sweet Lily. Just thought I'd share.