Monday, December 01, 2008

Winter Cleaning

Sunday Jerome and I had plans to run to Burnsville to confirm that the place where we bought both of our wedding rings is going out of business. We didn't make it.

Instead... we did some heavy cleaning. It all started with me waking up in the morning. I went to get a new bottle of creamer out for my coffee and couldn't handle the cupboards. They were a MESS. I have a method... but it slowly gets wacked out and I need to do an over haul one of these days... maybe with BASKETS! But, that wasn't for Sunday... instead I just put things back to where they belong and called it good. (PS since I drove passed a new large store called The Container Store on Black Friday I can't wait to check it out and find some baskets or containers at!)

Jerome came in the kitchen and asked what I was doing and I said looking for a bottle of creamer made me do it! We sipped on coffee and I made breakfast. Then it started. I started wiping down counters and putting away the dishes from the dishwasher... scrubbing the stove top - even removing the pans under the burners and cleaning under there. Man the stove really needs to be cleaned... figured out to how to turn on the self cleaning method. Jerome then started vacuuming in the living room - hands and knees kind of vacuuming. Yeah.... tables were cleared off. Counters were rearranged. It's soooooo nice to have a clean house.

I think we need to make a schedule to clean on a select day so we don't have to do these complete over hauls and miss our entire day. We shall see!


  1. Andy and I used to clean that way. It is easy to let it get to be a BIG deal when it is really much easier to clean a little at a time. Oh well...whatever works!! GLAD you have a clean house!! :)

  2. Your going to LOVE the Container Store!