Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Sweet Lily

Today was the day. I took my sweet little Lily and placed her in her pet taxi. I took her out to my car and got in the passenger seat while Jerome drove us to Burnsville. We were headed to the Human Society there.

My poor Lily whined a bit and then as we were getting onto 35W she became quiet. I figured she was getting use to riding in the car. Oh, that wasn't the case. Poor thing got sick in her taxi on the way there, she was so worked up. I swear she must have just eaten before we arrived home from work as she had a full stomach now in the bottom of her pet taxi. I had a towel in there and was able to open the cage door and move it so that Lily wouldn't get dirty.

When we arrived at the Humane Society I grabbed her out of the back seat in her taxi. I could hear the dogs barking from inside. Oh boy... she got worked up again. Poor thing. We entered the "surrender" room door. They make that sound so bad.... surrender.

A man came from a side room and looked in the pet taxi. He said, what a pretty kitty. I said she's defiantly a cat.

I was giving her up. My stomach sank.

He asked me questions, I don't really recall my answers. I must have made sense or Jerome would have said something I would guess.

I let her out of the cage when two other workers approached her. I let them know that she had gotten sick while in the car and may have stuff on her paws because of it.

Lily stayed in her taxi... poor thing. Eventually she coaxed her way out and the workers said she was a beautiful Tabby. The also commented on her short tail. I never thought her tail was short... it was perfect...

But, then finally one of them said that when I was ready they could take her away... as I sobbed as I signed my credit card slip. Why did she have to go like this. They stated that there should be no problem finding her a great home since she is so friendly and calm.

They took and put her into a cage. She didn't want anything to do with me. I abandoned her.

She wouldn't look up when I called her name... or made the clicking noise that she usually would run to. She wasn't scared. She was happy. She was content in her cage. She even started eating the food that was in there... scarfing it down.

I hated that she wouldn't even look at me. But it's probably the best. That way I wouldn't want to have her back.

God it hurts. She's been with me for six years. She's my baby. I already miss her.

When Jerome and I pulled up to the house I noticed that the curtains we separated just a bit, big enough for Lily to fit through. I said, she won't watch me leave for work in the morning ever again. She won't wake me up in the middle of the night with her low bellow meows. She won't run rapid around the house when we open the windows for some fresh air.

As I sit at the computer typing this, I curl my feet under the desk trying to reach for her but she's not there.

She's gone. My sweet Lily...

Gosh I really hope someone claims her. She's a great cat... but has just had issues lately. Bye my sweet Lily Pie.

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  1. (tears) So sorry she had to go like this! Take Care of is never easy losing a pet anytime or anyway it happens!