Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Two and Seven years ago...

So two years ago Jerome and I tied the knot... yep... it's our 2nd Anniversary and seven years ago we started dating. We went out to Chatterbox Pub to celebrate. I love love love Chatterbox after being introduced to it by my TCBlockhead gals. I even made Jerome stop there once to drop off my camera! He was game for trying something new... I should have thought twice.

We had the best artichoke and spinach dip as an appetizer... I hoped that the good vibes would stay with us through dinner... we should have played connect four! I ordered a beer... and got the wrong one... I meant to get the light ale and got the dark... bahhhhhhhhhh :( Jerome thought it was good though and drank it right on up.

I had the build your own Mac and Cheese... which I loved the first time... the second time... eh... it was good. I should have got the Chicken Fingers which I was debating on. Jerome was brand new to the menu and went for the meatloaf. I questioned it... but I know he likes meatloaf and I'll never make it until Mom #2 Karen gives me her recipe. Anyways... he hated it. He hated the meatloaf, the potatoes and ate his broccoli covered with cheese in disgust. Yeah... it wasn't a good meal for him.

We left... started up the car and my check engine light came on. Ughhhh seriously? So... now what. We head home and Jerome says he will look at it tomorrow. We popped in a movie but it didn't work. Then we popped in a different movie that worked until about 3/4 of the movie and then started skipping so bad that we couldn't bare to watch it... off to the basement we went to watch it on the computer.

On the up side, Jerome had 12 beautiful roses delivered to me at work... I hope this year is like the roses and not our meal or movies! Love you baby :)


  1. Aww~ Sorry your Anniversary Dinner was sucky! Glad you got beautiful flowers! :)

  2. Happy belated Anniversary guys! Here's to many, many more.