Monday, July 28, 2008

I cut my hair, a rug, and my finger...

So Saturday morning I dragged my butt out of bed and headed over to Fantastic Sam's for a haircut. I had planned to get it cut on Friday but cleaning for the Monty Crew took longer than expected...

So here is the back before (with Tinker):

And here is after:

Whatcha think?

So, that's cutting of the hair... as far as cutting a rug... Saturday night was another NKOTB fan bash. We went to Major's in Bloomington this time around. We had a few new Blockheads show up which was quite fun, Trisha being one. And how did I cut a rug you ask? Well... we asked the DJ to play NKOTB... and he did!

So... that's the hair and the rug... that only means one more thing... the finger. Yes, your PC consultant sliced her finger. I was making dinner last night and was cutting butter (in my hand no less) to put into the rice. You guessed it... I sliced my finger and had to go to the ER for 6 stitches. My guess is that there could have really been one more in there in a spot.

Here's the story: Jerome was watching tv and I went into the kitchen to make dinner... I had the chicken in the stove, the water on the stove to start boiling for the beans and was putting the rice in the microwave... stupid rice needs two tablespoons of butter in it... So there I was butter in hand... sliced the first chunk and went back for the 2nd chunk of butter with the stupid $1.25 paring knife from PC and got more than that.

I immediately put my finger under running water and said something to the effect of "Jerome I need stitches". He jumped up from the couch and came over to see what I did and then put the dog in his crate. I asked him to get me a darker towel while I applied pressure to my finger. Good lord it was a gusher.

We headed to the ER, Jerome dropped me off while he went to park the truck. I checked in but it didn't seem like they were in any sort of hurry to help me with my bleeding finger. They didn't ask too much at check in either... just told me to go sit in the lobby. WHAT?!?!?! Yeah... so back to the lobby we went... me giving the middle finger to everyone above my head... Yes... I sliced my middle finger of all fingers!

The took me into a room eventually... of course that was when Jerome left to get cash for parking since neither of us grabbed any while going out the door. He eventually made it back into the room just as the doctor was coming in to numb my hand. He watched as she stuck a good sized needle in the base of my finger in three spots.

Then the doctor left and the tech or nurse came in to clean out the cut. Oh my goodness... My finger was not numb! It hurt like hell! She told the doctor that I needed more near the actual cut... and boy did I get it. I again, wasn't looking at my hand but Jerome was. He said that she stuck a needle in once on each side of the cut and then two to three times IN the actual cut. Oh boy did that hurt too... but then... it was numb.

I ended up with six stitches on my middle finger palm side of my left hand. They wrapped it up and the first thing out of Jerome's mouth was Spiderman!


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh!! That looks like that hurt!!! I would have to say it look like they could have put one more stitch in there too!!

    HUGS! Hope it heals quickly and painlessly!

  2. That looks purdy. hope you heal quick.

  3. M says I sorry that you hurt your finger
    G says ewwwwww gross!!
    P says ouch! And your hair looks cute.

  4. Love the new 'do! I bet it's nice when it's hot out.

    So - you can't be trusted with knives, eh? Not good for a Pampered Chef rep... I hope it heals quickly.