Wednesday, July 23, 2008

For Trisha...

So apparently I don't post enough for Trisha to feel like I'm alive. We are alive. I don't feel like we have anything "spectacular" going on. We're getting ready to officially purchase the house from my parents... we are working on numbers but are already approved :)

The dog has been a bear lately. Since we picked him up from the vet from when we were out of town he hasn't been sleeping thru the night. Ugh. He's been barking like crazy when we leave him in his cage. It's not good. We think he's pissed at us for leaving him so now when we leave him and go to bed he freaks out. We've tried bringing the crate in our room... that didn't work that night... I think he wants to just be out of his crate. So... last night we left him in the kitchen with the gates up. Sure there was some barking but he got over it. We will see how it works tonight.

Yes, NKOTB are coming to the Mall here. I'm excited. I'm going... of course. I'll be taking pictures and video as much as I can. I will not give any "good" details about it until after it has happened... sorry Trish... I can't risk people knowing what I know and the group of BlockHeads that I have found here in Minnesota know. Let's just say... connections are there and we are trying our best to keep our cool. They'll be here 08-08-08.... so look for a post about that shortly after either here or at!

What else....

We need to fix the fence in the back yard. Since I got a little extra money this month for doing some consumer surveys perhaps I'll put that money towards that. Gosh I love getting money for my opinions. ANY COMPANY THAT WANTS MY OPINION CONTACT ME! I'll be honest and tell you exactly how I feel about your product. I love it. I enjoy it. I want more of it.

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  1. YAY! More bored stuff you think we don't want to hear!! MORE MORE MORE!