Monday, March 03, 2008

Monty's Gone Wild...

Sorry, I had to!

The Monty Crew showed up on our doorstep on Friday night... with four sleepy kids and two adults who shoulda had a drink. Jerome and I had small conversations with each adult at one point... then poof they were gone... into rooms to attempt to get children asleep. We had Delaney under control in the living room.

Saturday I awoke to the sound of some little footsteps or something. I noticed that the door to downstairs was opened... there was Andy and Miles... hangin out. I joined them for a bit... then came Trisha and Delaney and Dawson. Then Jerome. The only one missing... Mads.

I went upstairs to cook breakfast - pancakes and sausage links. We all ate. Trisha was wanting to go to Target and the Dollar Tree... she had mentioned wanting to get bins for the shelf that Andy just built.... got me thinking of Storables. We made our way over there... ohhhhh I love this store... I need to get there more often!

We found these bins and tossed one in her cart. She wanted to get the Crew's approval before buying all the ones that she needed. We headed to Target and picked up some groceries and then off to Dollar Tree. All that in two hours. Whew!

When we returned we had pizza for lunch. The guys, Jerome and Andy left for Burnsville to go to a wood working shop... Me thinks Jerome will be going back there some day!

When they got home we hung out for a bit and then started on dinner. We grilled out - brats, burgers, and hot dogs. Baked beans, carrots and ranch dip too. It was delish.

The Crew stayed until Sunday morning. There was a brief episode when the eggs wouldn't cook on the burner for me... which then ended with me running to Walmart for more eggs. The Crew packed up and took off back home.

I'm surprised at how well Pork Chop handled all the kids being in his space. And Dawson took such a liking to him... even feeding him some Cheetos and sticking his tiny fingers in his mouth and pulling his cheeks. Such a good puppy. He didn't eat much though... that is until life was back to normal in our house. He's pack to nipping at me and doing naughty naughty naughty things with his Multipet Terry Loofa toy.

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