Monday, March 03, 2008

Katt and friends...

So Jerome and I were suppose to meet up with Lisa and Rod to go to dinner. We decided on going to Rock Bottom Brewery. I called and made reservations for four at 5:45pm. We were running late so I called them and told them to please hold our table... which they did.

Ends up that Lisa and Rod were running late too... so late that they didn't make it to dinner. We had the Buffalo wings - yum. Jerome had the Southwestern Shrimp and Chicken Fettuccine - dang good. This was actually what I was going to get, but then he said he wanted it... I let him have it! Instead, I had the Brewer's Club - turkey, ham, bacon with melted cheddar and Monterrey jack, tomato and lettuce on ciabatta bread. Delish too!

Rod and Lisa arrived as we were paying the bill... perfect timing. We headed to our seats in the State Theatre. We were in row Q... needless to say any seat in the State Theatre would be good... we were just in front of the balcony though. Lisa and I both made a remark that we felt like we were on a cruise ship at the nightly entertainment.

The show started late - a half hour. First was a male rapper who calls himself Klutch. He pretty much sucked since we were there for comedy... not a rap show.

Then there was another rapper. This one was female and calls herself Xplicit Lyric. She shouted out here myspace page and of course I caught it....

Then there were two female comedians. The first... I can't remember her name was HELL-ARI-OUS... so much so that Jerome had tears coming down! She had great "jokes". The other... was good... but she herself was funny... not really her jokes. Here's a YouTube video that I found of her and another. Here's one that I took with my camera phone.

There was a guy who was the introducer of all of these people and Katt Williams. He was alright too. Then... the big gun came out. He was pretty good. I was glad to see that he had a new "skit" instead of the ones that I've seen on DVD. Unfortunately he spent a ton of time on the election... here's a YouTube video of him doing a similar skit.

Here's a few videos that I took... of course, not that great of quality due to it being on my camera phone... watch out for naughty lingo as well...

We left after the show for home... let the pup out and went to bed. The next day, Friday, we were going to be doing some running around and waiting for the Monty Crew to arrive.

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