Thursday, February 21, 2008

My plea for help...

Most of you out there know that I have a 2nd job that I can't really mention here, it's against company policy. Anyways... each month we need to submit a certain amount of sales to remain as an active consultant. This is the only way I can sell the products, know what the upcoming guest and host specials are and well... keep my bonus pay increase for having earnings of over $15,000.

Well... this month I haven't made my sales. I've got a show open and if you are looking for any sort of kitchen gadget let me help you help me out :) If you've been waiting to purchase something until a show came to you... well here it is. I'm throwing a show and giving away the benefits of free, 1/2 price, and discounted products, and the 10% discount for one year.

If you need to place an order email me and I can either get you a catalog or give you my website where there is an online catalog... I'm looking to get all orders by this Monday. PLEASE HELP ME OUT!

There are products that are discontinuing which I can email you. There is a guest special of spend $60 in products get x item free and also with every order you will get a x added to your order for free. Want to know what these x items are EMAIL ME!

Are you interested in hosting your own show next month or in a few? Let me know today and I can get you set up so that this doesn't happen to me again! Now please, shoot me an email and save my sorry butt! As a special bonus when you do order by Monday I'll send you the photos, descriptions and prices of the new products for the next catalog.... pass this onto friends and family too!

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