Monday, July 23, 2007

Weekend in review

Friday night I was invited to a purse party... and you know me... I had to go! On my way there I met up with Lisa for a brief exchange and went on my way. The party was at a Pampered Chef consultant from my cluster's house. I haven't seen her, or her sweet little one since my director had a holiday party at her house - two Christmas's ago! It was good to see and catch up with her.

Saturday morning Jerome and I awoke and started picking up the house. My sister and her two kids were on their way back home after visiting with mom and dad and heading for Chicago for the weekend for a wedding. The had a layover at the airport here and we weren't sure if we were going to be heading out for lunch or making it at our house... so... of course we picked up a little. Ends up that we headed to AppleBee's for lunch.

I had the Aloha Burger. YUM-O! I totally have a thing for pineapple. I love it. Especially since going to Cancun, Mexico and having fresh pineapple every morning. Jerome had a Chicken Strip platter, Tammy had some sort of salad and the kids... well of course had hamburgers and chicken fingers!

AKT, my niece and godchild, (and the flower girl that didn't make it down the isle at our wedding) managed to drop her bottle of beer on the floor which happens... no biggie but of course she cried. Poor girl. She's getting so big!

ALT, my oldest niece, was a barrel of fun! She sat next to me which was nice, I was able to poke and tickle her while we waited for our food to come. Jerome had the camera and took plenty of pictures I would guess, but I don't think I looked at them!

The bill came and we left. I was taking them back to the airport. Stupid me, instead of getting on Hwy 5 to the airport didn't get off the ramp and ended up taking them on 494. I hope they weren't too late. I didn't get a call so I assume they made their flight. SORRY AGAIN!

Once I left the airport and returned home I jumped in bed for a quick nap as we were going to a party Saturday night. Last weekend at the birthday BBQ at Lisa's house we were invited to E's house for his birthday bash. Lisa gave me the heads up that it could be an all nighter - aka leave at 6am kind of party... thus the nap Saturday afternoon. We had a good time at E's and even watched an HBO boxing fight on the the projection screen that was attached to the back of his house... I wish I had taken a picture!

Sunday we woke up and headed out for breakfast. I had been craving pancakes. Yes, pancakes. I wanted Denny's fluffy pancakes. Scary I know. So off we went, plus we had a $5 off coupon for there!

After breakfast we went home and were gathering items to go to Anna's house. She had purchased at mirror from our garage sale that she needed hanging but didn't have a stud finder. So I took Jerome, ha ha ha... (stud finder). No really, we went and hung up the mirror in her kitchen/dining room.

Once that was finished we headed to Lisa and Rod's to pick up the battery charger for the car (the bucket). Apparently there is something going on with the battery of my old car... I don't know I don't drive it but Jerome does. I headed in for a quick nap while dozing off to the TV while Jerome was outside.

We did end up slapping some paint on the wall Sunday night to see if we liked the color... I have a feeling I'll be painting the rest tonight... I like!

That's about it. C-ya later!


  1. Your niece had a bottle of beer??

    Sounds like a fun weekend. Trish and I would both love to find a time to get back to the Cities. Just don't know when!