Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's done... for now...

We were given some paint from Jerome's co-worker Anna after hanging out with her on the fourth of July... We (I) ended up painting two of the walls. I debate on what we should do with the other two... but I'm happy with it right now... for now... :)

This shot is taken from the doorway to our room:

This shot is taken from corner near the closet in our room:

This shot is taken from the corner near the other window in our room:

These pictures will eventually be hung back in the room above our bed on the white wall... nice how the blue is already tied into the pictures... and yes, they are the ones that were in my parents room for a long long long time... I've always loved them.


  1. Looking good! Didn't realize you were into pastel type colors. That is something I didn't know about you. Your fave color is green right?