Monday, July 30, 2007

A quick Sconnie Trip

Friday night we set the alarm clock to wake us up around 4:45 am. Yes, that's right on a SATURDAY! Jerome woke up some time around 4 am and started his shower. Once he was ready he woke up the bear, I mean me, and tossed me in the shower. We were headed to Sconnie for the day/night mainly to pick up our wedding photo album.

We left around 5 am and saw the sun starting to rise - that's the first time in a long time for me. And it was such a red sky that got me thinking of Dad's old sailor saying... red sky at night sailors delight, red sky in morn sailors be warned.

We stopped for breakfast at McDonald's after I woke up from my sleep and also to fill up the tank. We were back on our way and made it to my parents house around 9 am.

Once we were there I immediately went into the photos. Ughhhhh! There was no picture of us with Anna, there was the black and white photo of Jerome that turned out way grainy, there was one of me and my family that when blown up didn't fit that framing of the page thus white strips around the photo - ummm no... fake the wall and carpet or crop it different! Not to mention all of the ones that were out of focus! And then our large wall photo had totally different coloring from the same photo that was in our book. What the heck?

I will say it again, never do business with Together Photography. Their customer service sucks. Their contract is worded funny, and they chose to pick out our photos - even the blurry ones! Ugh.

So, I took the book and Jerome and I headed down to their shop. Of course, no one was there because it's a Saturday and they are out taking awful pictures of someones wedding. So I called my mom to have her look up the phone number for their New London location, perhaps someone would be there. Nope, that number isn't listed. Grrrr. So I called the owner at her home - but she didn't answer either. I left a message at their location in town saying I wasn't please with my photos and that I am only in town today and tomorrow, that someone should contact me asap.

With that said and done we left and went to The Monty Crew's house for lunch. We had planned to BBQ for lunch, but before that Jerome and Andy were going to build some shelving units for Delaney and Maddee's room while Trisha and I were going to head off to Target for some baby food that was 2 cents a jar.

On our way there though, my phone rang. It was Jerome's daughter JST who is due in September with Jerome's first grand baby. She was having some tightening and she thought contractions. Oh boy. Ends up it was nothing out of the ordinary and the baby is still inside for the time being!

Trisha, Baby M and Baby D and I left for Target. Funny thing happened... we ran into my sister P, brother-in-law J and their kids MJM and GWM. Too funny. They were off to buy glue sticks for MJM's first school year in kindergarten. We split ways and headed to the baby section.

I asked Trisha what Delaney needed, since you know, she's already got three kids! Apparently crib sheets are in order. Can do. Next. ;)

We headed to baby food land and stocked the cart. We headed for the check out and the cashier flicked her light on and called a manager over. Apparently Target's coupon won't work at her Target... how annoying. We even spoke with a manager who said that "corporate" sent out a statement that said to limit people to two coupons... COME ON! Needless to say, I'll be trying at my Target here in the cities.

When we got back the guys were wrapping up the shelving unit and we started the food. It was delish! My compliments to the chefs :) We hung out for a bit longer as I got my baby fix knowing the next time I see Baby D he won't like me, but then again there will be a new Baby D that will "hafta" like me!

We headed home and ate dinner with the family. Mashed potatoes, caramel carrots, beef roast... YUM! Then it was time for cards. PJM, mom and I played 500 solitaire. Mom ended up in first place, I got 2nd and PJM... well she lost. And then PJM and I played 100 solitaire and I won. Yippy!

We woke up the next morning and took showers. We came downstairs and said that the clock in the bedroom doesn't keep time... since it was 11am and the clock said 9am! Jeeze! We had breakfast and then hopped in the car for home. We planned to take the long way home so that we could stop at our favorite cheese factory - too bad they aren't open on SUNDAYS :( Grrrr.

So we kept heading the long way instead of turning around. We went through Green Bay when Jerome said something about taking a picture of Lambeau field. Why taking a moving picture, instead we went and actually went inside. It was first trip inside the stadium... you could totally feel the love. We hopped back in the car and were on our way when someone stated that he should have found the bathroom before leaving. So we made a pit stop for an ice cream cone and potty break at the McDonald's down the street from the stadium - it was even decked out in Packer attire!

We drove home and ended up stopping at our other cheese factory stop for some curds and a brick of cheese - and gas and switching of drivers. Once we were in the cities we stopped for dinner. We unpacked the car after and then Jerome left to see how JST was doing. All is good as far as we know now.

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