Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A long weekend... finally!

So Jerome and I took off of work on Friday so that we could meet with our photographer back in "Sconnie". We left Thursday night and rolled into town around 9 or so.

Friday we met with that "fantastic" photographer... ughhh. Needless to say, it was irritating being there. I have the feeling that my tiny home town will soon have a life size mirrol of my husband on the walls of the local photography place just because he's not pasty white. Yup I said it. I also think that the reason why the lady is so short with us is because she really doesn't like the "idear" of us being married... me being of the pasty white variety. I also think that the actual photographer that we had was "building her portfolio" with Jerome's family... thus why we only had two pictures of our groomsmen with Jerome. Yup... I said it.... and I won't take it back unless I'm proven wrong.... but she was defiantly building her portfolio.... there is no way to deny that one.

After that we hung out at my Mom and Dad's and then headed over to The Monty Crews place. We were just in time to catch a glimpse of Mads... what a cutie pie. And of course Miles was trailing behind his Momma... I went inside to find little Dawson upset because everyone had left him. I picked him up and thought back to the last time I held him... met him. He was a "fresh, new baby"... only about a week or two old when The Monty's came to visit us and head to a concert while Jerome and I babysat the kidlets. He's so big!

While we were there Susha asked if I would be Delaney's "fairy godmother"... I mean God Mother. Of course I said yes and will try my best to fulfill my required duties of being at as many events as I can.... wooohooo... God Baby # 3!!!!

Momma Monty (Trisha) and Papa Monty (Andy) along with Miles and Dawson went with Jerome and I to take in some wings at The Bar. It was Double Bubble so there was some great Margaritas for Jerome and I. Then we headed to a cute little coffee shop where a friend of the Monty's had a gig. We ended up back at their house and watched a movie and then left out.

Saturday we hung around Mom and Dad's and visited with my sister and her family. That night Mom, PJM and I played a fun game of Triple Solitaire while Jerome watched some crazy shows... maybe they weren't crazy but the sounds of them sure were since we couldn't take our eyes off the board in fear of loosing!

Sunday we headed back home. It was nice to be back home. I worked in the garage a bit to get ready for the garage sale that is quickly approaching. I priced some stuff... and still have two or three boxes yet to price that is out in the garage. We were planning on seeing Pirates while we were out of town and didn't get around to doing that.

Monday we went to Anna's for a BBQ in the afternoon. We decided we would go see Pirates for a matinee and left. I asked Jerome if he thought JST would like to go and he thought she may. We headed over to see if she wanted to go... but then our plans were changed when she stepped out of the door. Oh what a belly she is getting! We had to take her to buy some clothes that would cover her expanding baby belly... so still no pirates. We headed home and thought about what we would do for dinner.

Lisa called me and asked if we wanted to come over for a BBQ that she and her soon to be hubby (in 4 count them 4 days) we starting. But of course! The only thing was that I had to work on Tuesday as did she. We ended up not leaving their house until way past my bed time for a "school" night. Boy was I tired this morning.... so tired that I had to crawl my butt back into bed for two more hours before heading to work after I sent an email to my co-workers. Ugh.

This week I've got a few things that I need to accomplish:
  • I need to get my "bridal emergency bag" together... you know all the possible things that could go wrong which hopefully never do on the wedding day... nail polish, sewing kit, band aids, etc etc since Lisa and Rod's wedding is this weekend.
  • Write my Matron of Honor toast... yep... just like when I had a report due for school... waiting till the very last minuet!
  • Pedicure with my Hubby on Friday
  • Get Jerome's suit all set once he finds all the pieces
  • Get all of my items ready for the wedding
Whew! Thank goodness I'm off on Friday and can put some of these things off until then.

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