Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Have you ever used CraigsList.com? I've poked around on it seeing if anyone is in search of PC items or anything that I may just have that I really don't need.

Well, I've also found our desk on their - it was a moving sale item.

And now I hopefully have someone who has a pick-a-deli for me! I've finally decided that eBay prices for this item is not what I wanted to pay. I also didn't want to host a Tupperware party just to get the one that I want... so .... CraigsList was the answer for me!

I've wanted one of these things ever since I went to Lisa's mom's house while we were in college. Basically you have a container with a lid made out of plastic, with a strainer center. You put all of your pickles from the jar into this container and then pull the strainer up to get the pickles out of the bottom.... GENIUS!

I have had about three or four people respond to my quick ad searching for one. In the ad I stated I didn't want to host a party or place an order... that the pick-a-deli was the only thing that I wanted. This way I wouldn't get the emails from any Tupperware consultants looking for some business.

I actually may have found a new customer for PC in all of this to boot! Funny thing actually. Someone had emailed me to tell me they had one. They stated a dollar amount that they wanted and then said that they would also be willing to trade for PC products... well if this wasn't up my alley I don't know what is! So I offered her a trade and am waiting to hear back from her.


  1. Sweet! I wonder if the Craigslist has Step 2 Choo Choo wagon! We are having a hard time finding extra trailers to go onto it! Dang..it would have been nice with 4!~~

  2. Check it out... they have it in sections of cities... check your area and check mine... gives you yet another reason to come this way :)