Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A new favorite...

Jerome and I went to Home Depot after work today to get a new filter for the heater/air conditioner unit. We also spoke to a guy there about painting the interior of the house. He had us speak to another associate to find out when they (Home Depot) was having any type of painting classes. Ends up they have one this weekend... if we remember I think we should go.

How hard can it be to paint... we watch all the home improvement shows. But you know... I never know if I need to prime something... why do I have to prime it, what are some tricks and tips... what kind of tool do you use - brush or a roller or a spray can thing... See... I'm full of questions. Apparently this is a 101 of painting.... just what we/I need to be at ease! I really hope we remember!

After Home Depot we decided to grab a bite to eat. We found our new favorite spot. Bennigan's. Jerome had a pretty hard time figuring out what to eat... and not because nothing sounded good. I too had a tough debate but ended up getting a 10 oz. steak, loaded bake potato and broccoli. Jerome ended up with a pretty awesome burger with, get this, green peppers on it!

We will be heading back there, and it's pretty near to our house... so be forewarned... if you are coming to visit... you may end up there if we pick the spot!

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  1. If you have questions/concerns after your class- my folks have been painting for years and I used to work for them both... so if they don't have the answers and I don't have the answers, my folks will.