Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I haven't died or frozen to death


Okay.... here we go with this long post again even though the first draft was great I don't know what happened to it!

I've just been super busy this week. This past weekend Jerome and I rearranged the house yet again. We still haven't found that "ahhh this feels like home feeling" yet. We are working on it and I've got a feeling that we won't have that until we paint the walls, repaint the trim from that wonderful brownish/pinkish color that the previous owners picked and tear down all the wall paper (kitchen, two bathrooms, but I think we could leave the one wall in our guest room for now).

Saturday my co-worker Josh had a baby boy... well not him... his wife Molly did. But none the less he has a new edition to his family who is just about as cute as their daughter Lucy. This then had me running around getting a "boy gift" for them. Wooo hoooo with the exception that it's freakin cold outside! I picked up a gift and some decorations for his cube... which... sorry to go off on a tangent but I'm not an admin any more... don't we have baby decorations and baby cards ready for when people have kids in bulk somewhere in this building???? Why don't we have a stock pile in a back room some where???? Jeeeeze! But, in all honesty I love getting the decorations.. hey I even put a pool together for when the baby was to be born and won so I put that pool $ toward the decorations. Sweet!

I also routed around a card for Jasper (the new baby). Now tell me why when you send a card around does it get stuck on the third persons desk all day long. Sure, they didn't have money right at that moment to put in the pot for a group gift card... then don't check your name off on the slip and the card will eventually find it's way back to you. Instead it sat at your desk all day instead of having everyone else sign and route it around. This happened not once but three times with this particular card. JEEEEEZE!!!! Keep it moving!

Anyways... sorry.

I've been in training Tuesday and Wednesday for a tool that I have a feeling I will never use like how I learned it. Basically I'm the fourth person to be trained in just in case the first three people are all out of the office on the same day. Please. Just slit my neck open now!

On a happier note, Jerome and I have been meeting up after work. Yes, we see each other every day after work but this is different. He's been taking the train to my job and now car pooling the way home with me. It's a nice little treat. Where we actually talk before cooking dinner or a TV program takes over our brains. It's nice 1:1 time. True the commute is only like two miles... but there are four stop and go lights between work and home. It can add up.

We also have company coming this weekend. My sister Pam, her husband and their kids are coming for a quick visit Friday night and Saturday before they head to Rochester. Perhaps Jaime can take a look at our wireless and tell us how to lock it down... otherwise if their is anyone in our neighborhood come get some free Internet by hooking up to us... JUST KIDDING!!!!

My other post was longer... not sure what else I said... hummmm let me ponder and I'll get back to you!

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