Monday, February 12, 2007

Company was here!

Well Friday I left work a little early. My sister Pam and Family came into town for the night.

While Pam & Jamie went out to dinner with friends I and Jerome watched Mckenna and Grady. I made the kids mac and cheese and hot dogs... what a famous kids meal, I remember eating that at my own aunt Margie's house while she babysat me! Jerome went to pick up Chipotle for our dinner after I had ordered it online for pickup. (Now that was pretty slick if I do say so myself!)

Grady came up to me while Jerome was out getting dinner. He said he was hungry. I asked if he wanted some more Mac and Cheese since he didn't eat much of his. No. Hot dog? No. What do you want? I want something... but I don't know what I want. Crackers? No... something cold. Cold... hummm. Something to drink? No. ICE CREAM... gottcha.

I asked Mckenna if she wanted some ice cream as well... of course. Chocolate and vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup coming right up. They, of course, ate all their ice cream. Jerome returned and I and the kids went downstairs to watch "Lightning McQueen" aka Cars (Disney Pixar movie). They sat there and watched the entire movie... not a peep while I ate my dinner. Jerome was upstairs watching basketball.

The movie was almost finished when Jerome came downstairs. The kids wanted to watch one "extra" on the DVD. When it was done, I said "okay...must be time for bed". Both of the kids got up and walked upstairs to the pallet we made them in the office. They both crawled in. Grady of course wanted a drink before I read the story. Jerome looked at me and I looked at him in amazement. They didn't complain. They didn't try to stay up till mom and dad came home. They didn't put up a fight. It was like the Von Trap family singing "goodnight".

I read them the story... just once. Tucked them in and closed the door. I went and watched some TV in the upstairs living room thinking some one... anyone... would come out saying they had to go potty again or needed a drink, or wanted mommy or something. NOTHING!!!! Wowsers.

I ended up crawling into my own bed around 10pm after not hearing anything from the kids. Jerome stayed up watching Stargate until Pam and Jaime came home. I didn't hear them come home, and I sure didn't feel Jerome come into bed. I was knocked out.

I was awaken Saturday morning by a little voice saying, "I'll just shut the door". WHAT???? Hoping one of the kids wasn't about to go outside in the frigid morning. I opened the door to the office and found Mckenna covering Grady back up with the blankets. They were up... ready to rumble. It's only 6:30 or so... way too early for me... as you probably know.

I went and hung out on the couch with Grady curled up in my lap for a bit. And then the morning started.

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