Friday, January 19, 2007

So last night I ran an errand after work on the south west side of Bloomington.

A little ol man wanted a Pampered Chef catalog to show "the little ol' ladies" upstairs. When I was done getting the entire life story of his wife and how she died of cancer in September and how the cat misses her... and he needs a new can opener because she wanted it before she died.... heart breaking but dang it I thought I was going to be able to drop the envelope outside his door as we had planned and run. A half hour later I was able to jump back into my car and call Lisa.

I told her I was on my way to her house to pick her up so that I could be fitted for my "maids" dress for her wedding. I told her the story about the little 'ol man and why I was running a little late. I let her go and put the peddle to the medal.

While I was stuck in traffic I gave a call to my buddy Melba Duke (yes, she is the other winged fool in the photo with me!). She had sent me an email a few weeks ago and I knew I would have enough to say to her that I would rather call her that sit there an email one very very long email. We chatted as I crept along in traffic. Little Nicole sqwaked in the background.

When I arrived to Lisa's I honked the horn as I was wrapping up the conversation with Melba. Lisa came out and we headed our way to Hastings to the dress shop.

When we arrived we noticed there were boots and shoes everywhere so off with the shoes... only for me to of course step in the only wet spot in the entire store... grrrr! We waited for someone to help us out, in the mean time of course looking at the dresses. Lisa found the flower girl dress at the shop, the same one I took pictures of on the sly when the gang of us went dress shopping. Great!

I got fitted and then we decided to go to dinner. Here's where the story gets good, I promise!

We went to GreenMill in Hastings. First off, we couldn't find the entrance to where we could get in the parking lot... we ended up going all the way around the building. We walked from where we had parked the car on a slick sidewalk. I walked into the entrance with Lisa behind me slipping on the one piece of 5 inch tile on the floor inbetween the two door ways. Whew... that should have told us something right there. But no. We sat down.

I noticed I forgot my phone in the car and ran out to get it. I let Lisa know that I wanted the Coconut Chicken Salad and a glass of water with lemon. When I came back in, Lisa was sitting there with the waters and the menus still. Hummmm... maybe she didn't know what she wanted yet. Okay.

The waitress, who has the most wonderful blunt haircut (I'm joking it was bad!), approaches the table with a bucket of bread and asks us what we would like. We order and start chatting.

I notice the waitress is taking care of the table next to Lisa that has a mom, dad, toddler and a brand spankin new baby. Awwww so cute. (Back on topic Kim, jeeze!) . Someone else brings out our food and asks if we need anything else. Nope... should be good. We start to chow.

Hummm I could use some more dressing for my salad... Lisa agreed with hers as well. The manager, or at least the one playing manager that night, had ran past us and asked if everything was okay as we of course both had mouths full of food. Thanks lady. (Why do they do that?!?!?!)

So we weren't able to let her know that we both would like more dressing.

We waited for our waitress to come back and check on us. You know they always stop by especially if they weren't the ones to bring your food to your table. Not this one. Nope... Not a once! It got to the point where I had been sucking on some ice cubes since I had no water and Lisa's had been empty way before mine. The waitress went to EVERY... and I mean EVERY table around us and didn't even acknowledge us. Didn't make eye contact... nothing. What the heck!

I was done eating and Lisa was ready for a box for the rest of her meal. Hello. We're done. We have no water but we're done! I decide that enough is enough. Time to search out that manager chick.

I get up and find the manager. We chat and she tells me she will "talk" to the waitress. (Thinking to myself ahhh that's not what I want you to do... I want my meal comped... I had to find you!). We go back to the table and Lisa has apparently hailed down the waitress to get more water which I later find out that she wasn't even going to stop but that Lisa had really "hailed her down" like she was getting a cab!

The manager takes the bill with her and the empty plates.

She comes back to tell us that she took half of one of the meals off. HALF OF HALF A MEAL.... you mean you took 1/4 of the bill off. (This didn't hit me till we were in the car with Lisa reminding me). You couldn't pick up a $20 bill? Oh lord.

I'm getting ahead of myself. She comes back and tells us that she took of 1/2 of one of the meals. I pulled out my credit card and tell Lisa it's $15 and some change... we 1/2 the bill down the middle. I put the card in the top slot and stood the folder thingy up on the table... basically stating we are through here please let me leave now.

Anyone want our money?

I put my coat on.

Three waiters/waitresses/bus boys and girls have walked past.

Anyone want our money?

Nope... okay.

I walk up to the front desk... just like I did to find the manager and she's there. "Oh are you ready to pay". DUH. She walks away with the bill and the two cards. We wait. At the front of the restaurant. You would think you may just move a little faster if you have people who are not happy in your presents. Nope... slower than molasses.

We sign and leave out. We were careful in between the doors... and then we both about slip on the sidewalk... oh I shoulda fell and sued them! Grrrrrrrr!

We got back in the car and bad mouthed them all the way home.

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