Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ceremony Clarification

I guess I never really gave this a post once it was decided, so I will now.

We are not having the ceremony in a church, temple, chapel, cathedral, synagogue or sanctuary. We are having the ceremony at Crystal Falls, which is the same place as the dinner and reception.

It will be set up as the ceremony with rows of chairs and a middle isle ending at our trellis (that we are doctoring back to health and we will be bringing to Hortonville this weekend for a little R & R). People will enter from the back of the building and walk towards the front toward the trellis where Jerome and I will eventually be. We will have the gift table, cake table, and maybe the head table set up already in the room.

After the ceremony is complete, we will walk out as you normally would to get our runway shot. Then Jerome and I will come back down one of the sides as the maids and groomsmen and parents are exiting. We will personally dismiss each row for our receiving line and then people will eventually get to our parents who will be standing at the entrance of the room heading towards the bar. People will have time to have a drink and hang out or leave for a bit while the bridal party runs out to get photos done at a park as soon as all rows are dismissed so don't go running off anywhere bridal party!

We will take a few family shots I guess at Crystal Falls. Boy would it be nice if they decided to spruce up the outside of their building... the grassy area... or even their trellis they have out in the front of the building. It won't be a beautiful backdrop... but it will have to do since I don't think our families would leave the building and head to the park with us.

We will leave and come back... While we are gone the rest of the tables will be set up for dinner that starts at 6 pm, I think... I need to double check that. Anyways, the tables will be set up by the workers of Crystal Falls. DJ Mark will also be setting up at this time. When we return we will have dinner and then one more transformation of the room for the dance floor to be made.

Then the party will officially be started with the first dance, dollar dance, cutting of the cake, the grand march, etc.


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