Sunday, August 14, 2011


Ugh.  Thankfully this is the last room that has this stupid wallpaper in it from the previous owners of the house.  Well there is some in the basement but we like it :)

Before pictures:

What this really means is that this is the 2nd to last room that hasn't had "our touch" put on it yet.  When we moved in just over 5 years ago we worked immediately on our living room since that was the world's biggest eye sore!  Then we worked on the master bedroom, the upstairs bathroom, the down stairs bathroom and the guest bedroom (hmmm guess I didn't blog that!?!?!).  This left only our kitchen and the third bedroom.

I was able to get a bunch of free samples of paint from Glidden that added up to be a gallon of paint.  Thankfully a few of my friends live in apartments and can't or won't paint so I was able to use their addresses to send my sample to them.

I'll post more... but I hate wallpaper as of now.

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