Wednesday, August 17, 2011


We still think it's super bright but it's green... and it's not easy being green :)  I love it but it doesn't really match the "calmness" of the living room.  Does that matter?  Is it okay to have different emotions in rooms that are connected by a doorway?  What do you think?  I'm still trying to figure out what to do as far as window treatments.  I'll be putting up the blue curtains that we had up for the time being just so that there is some privacy... even if it isn't "pretty".
From the door.
Isn't that blanket door attractive?  Ugh.  Some day a real door!

From the fridge corner.
From the living room door.

A little project...

Painted white and green knob tops.
Should have painted this a LONG time ago.  I love it.

Now mind you... I'm not done...  I need window treatments.  I'm thinking of painting the table, the sideboard, and maybe even the cupboards and cabinets.  I'd love new flooring, counter tops and appliances too but that's not in the budget right now.

Don't forget to look at the before pictures to see what we've been living in for the past five years and it only took three days to flip it into this :)

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  1. The white woodwork and trim really brightens things up! I LOVE the green! It is bright and FUN! Congrats! :)