Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby Baby The Block

Well thanks to a fellow Blockhead I was able to catch the guys one more time.  Not having a job sure is messing with my Block Duty :)  And, yeah... they were at the Target Center with Backstreet Boys.  I could care less for BSB but it was a two for one.  Here are some of my favorite pics I got from my floor seat in the 6th row.  Enjoy, I know I sure did!

Jordan Knight, searching for me of course in the 6th row!

What a grin Danny Wood :)

For all those Donnie Wahlberg lovers... you're welcome!

Joe McIntyre strutting his stuff.

And can't forget about our boy Jon Knight.

That's the end... especially when the New Kids confetti blows.


  1. Awesome photos! How in the world did you end up with 6th row?! Totally jealous. Glad I got to wave at you :)

  2. Holy SHIT! Donnie is HOTTER than I remember! THANKS KIM!