Sunday, July 03, 2011

Annual Garage Sale

So ummm yeah.  Screw you Mother Nature.

Now that that's out of the way... we hosted our annual garage sale... the first day was a Thursday.  It rained, drizzled, and was just plain gloomy.  And cold.  Very very cold.  It sucked.  Thursdays are usually our biggest days.  This was not the case on this Thursday by any means.

Then we were open Friday.  Nice a warm but not that many people wanted to buy stuff.  Saturday... ugh... is always slow.  But I have it set as 1/2 price day... so people come back... but no one wanted anything and we closed probably by 2pm.

It was our WORST garage sale ever.  Seriously.  We've made "good" money at these sales.  This year... not so much.  So... with taht being said, I decided to give it another go the following Thursday.  I was doing it for one day only since it was the Thursday before the Fourth of July, which would be on Monday.  I knew people would be heading out of town for the long holiday weekend but I didn't think it would be already on Thursday.

Well that wasn't the only reason why there was no business.  There was a huge heat advisory.  It at one point when I noticed 103 degrees.  UGH... HOT!  Seriously suckage.  At one point while picking up the signs I became woozy from getting in and out of the truck to grab the signs.  It was bad.

So... there is a garage full of stuff and I wonder if I should attempt to hold it again or give up for this year.

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