Friday, January 07, 2011


I'm a tweaker.  LOL.

I've had this blog since 2005 and I've been constantly tweaking it.  I never seem to find the right layout.  I never seem to find the right header.  I never seem to find just the right color combo.  Or... I think I do... love it to the fullest.  And then time passes by and it must be tweaked again.  It's not the color I'm feeling right now... or the tone I want to portray.

Well it's 2011.  This blog is just over 5 years old.  At this moment it feels right.  But I can't seem to see my followers here.  Speak up... I miss you.  Talk to me.  Comment in the comments section that's at the bottom of each and every post once in a blue moon for me, k?!?


  1. When you say leave US a comment, does that mean you and Jerome?


  2. I'm thinking I should tweak that :)
    I'm the writer... the only writer :)