Saturday, January 08, 2011

Little Boys Don't Count

So I've decided that the company Ultra Pro doesn't think little boys can count.  I guess it could be grown men who live in their mother's basements.  Yeah... they can't count either.  I'll come back to this...

Being that I'm diving into couponing 100% now I've decided to change up my coupon binder.  It just wasn't working for me to the fullest.  I've decide to revamp it.  And thankfully I found one online that I think will work for me now... but I know it wouldn't have worked for me when I started.

So.... off to Target I went.

I already had the perfect binder that I bought during school supply time.  And I thought I had enough page protectors... time will tell on that... I think I've got a few more somewhere in this house that I can use.  But what I needed yet was those 9 pocket baseball card pages.  (See... I'm getting back to the little boys who can't count!)

It was suggested that I would probably want about 60 pages.  Great.  Found them in the front of the store by a massive row of trading cards after talking to a guy who I'm sure lives in his mom's basement and works at Target.   There they were just waiting for me to snatch them up.  The Ultra Pro 9-Pocket Pages #83275.  30 pages to a pack.  I quickly grabbed two packs and was on my way.

I got home... went straight to my computer and started printing the 40 title pages for each section of my new coupon binder.  Then I stuffed 30 or so of the title pages into the page protectors that I had.  Without stopping to see if I had more page protectors I decided to just add a sheet of the 9 pockets between each title page that I had already.

What do you know... only 25 sheets.  UGH.  That means I'll be short.  I counted.  And counted them again for good measure.  I searched around me to make sure they didn't slip of the table that I was working on.  Nothing.  There were suppose to be 30 sheets in each pack.

Since I had a second pack I ripped it open to see if it had 30.  Not so much.  So apparently little boys only care to organize... not count.

I'll have to go and buy a 3rd pack... which really ticks me off since now I'll have to wait to totally organize my binder since I'm short 10 pages.  And I'll have to buy another pack that says it has 30 pages in it but will only have 25.  And, since it's Target I'll spend more money cuz who can just go into Target and get what they need and walk out?

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