Thursday, January 13, 2011

Organizing Bug - After

Well... I ended up touching each and every item in this room.  And then went for the complete overhaul and rearranged the room while I was at it!

I now have a diaper station.
I went thru all the toys, put likes with likes and made it nice again!
Put the stuffed animals in the kid rocking chair that we have and made the bed.  Hummm I really should paint this room!

I organized the closet... removed some stuff, found new homes for some stuff, added more and rearranged.  Again... likes with likes.
I even had room to put some of the big toys that usually just sit on the floor in the room in the closet on a shelf!  Yes, that is a tote full of bags.  I think I'll be going thru that once I work on my clothes closet.

This was empty at one point... which is what made me move it to a new location!  Then I added just a FEW things.  I really want to get rid of this piece for a chest of drawers.
This is all GARBAGE!
This is a pile of Pampered Chef stuff from when I was a consultant.  I'm asking other consultants if they want it and if not... either for sale or for Goodwill!
A full tote of things to sell!

These two pieces need to be put into storage.  Only toddlers in our house now!
 Ahhhhh... it feels so much better!  Hopefully I can keep it from becoming the dumping grounds again!


  1. Looks GREAT! Love the little tin buckets on the shelf...adds flavor!

  2. I got those at The Dollar Tree a few years ago. I use to have them under the changing table holding toys. Now I put the "I'm not small for Deion but okay for Kamiha" toys in there and put them way up high :)