Tuesday, December 07, 2010


And just like that a month has almost past by since I've blogged last.  I don't know where the days go.  Seriously.

I'm getting ready for the holidays coming up.  Finding all the best deals for all those Christmas presents that I'm purchasing on an unemployment income.  Yep... I'm stretching it the best I can but it's getting to the point where it's not covering cost that are in our house.  Now mind you... I've found great deals.  Really really great deals.  But I really hope Santa leaves me a big stash of money in my stocking this year. 

I can't get into all the really great deals since some of my readers may be getting them... or their children may be getting them.  I had a ton of luck on Black Friday as always finding many items for the kiddos on my list. 

Here's where I ended up.  I started my day at Walgreen's.  At Walgreen's and CVS on Thanksgiving Day they have a BUNCH of stuff for free (after their cash coupon that spits out).  I got everything that was on my list from there and headed home to work on my Thanksgiving lunch sides. 

After we ate our turkey and took our long food coma nap I started my night at 10pm at Walmart.  Yes... 10pm on Thanksgiving Day night.  Walmart had two sales.  One at midnight and the other at 5am.  I started grabbing stuff and putting it into my cart at 10:05pm.  The store was not ready for people to be scoping out the midnight sale items yet.  By 11:05 I had all my items in my cart that I wanted for the midnight sale.  By 11:40 I was the first person in line to check out once midnight struck.  Score!

Then I headed home to help Jerome with a few online orders that he wanted to place.  We ended up running to an electronics store and staying there for a long time.  Thankfully we drove separately so I wasn't stuck there.  Instead I scoped out the area Targets.  Yeah... the good thing about being in the Cities is that we have multiples of stores in a very close proximity.  I swung by three and ended up staying at the last one that I swung past.  Target was giving customers in line coffee, snack bars, coupons and maps to the store.  This was by far the best customer service!  Yet again, I scored everything on my list.

I then headed back to Walmart for the 5am sale.  You guessed it... scored everything again.

Then it was time for the trouble location.  Menard's.  There was no way I was going to get into line there.  I've stood in that line.  It's not worth it.  People cut.  People get mad.  People fight.  I was one of those people who cut... who made people mad.   But, I scored everything and was out the door lickity split.

I jumped over to Sears for an item and then crashed for all of 30 minuets before I had to watch my Hubby's grandson.  Whew.  Thankfully that little boy was in need of a very long nap as was I :)

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