Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lot of projects...

So I wanted to get crafty... remember...?

Well now I'm on craft over load!  I made the wreath, and now have three other projects that I'm switching between!  Crazy right!

Well... one I work on during the day... sanding down an old cabinet/hutch that Jerome had.  I'm going to make it into something we can use in our basement hopefully.  So far, so good.  Mind you, this piece has been in our garage here since we moved here and was up for sale in one if not two of our garage sales... guess it was meant to stay with us!

A second project is really on the back burner... I started it and am to the point where I think I could start putting it together... but I'm hoping for some advice and maybe guidance from a certain someone who I haven't told yet :)

The third project I started a LONG time ago... back when I worked in corporate land.  I'm back at it after putting my fingers on some knitting needles this past weekend while hanging out with Lisa and her mom at a craft sale.  Yup... I still got it :)

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