Friday, September 10, 2010

Movie Review: The Social Network

So most of you out there know that I use to work at this company where I worked on their web team. I wasn't much of a web geek as half the people on the team... I tried to keep them in the "normal" folks range. I was the one that spoke in human English when they talked in code. I can't say I didn't pick up a few things... actually a ton of things. A little coding, a little html, and some jargon. Yep... I did.

So when we got passes for The Social Network I wasn't interested. I thought it was going to be a geek haven. I had no interest. Now mind you... I LOVE FACEBOOK. I'm extremely addicted to it. I have to check it... daily... many times... perhaps even be online on Facebook all day long. WHAT?!?!?! :)

Well... the hubby wanted to go to the show. I was feeling like I'd been cooped up in the house long enough that I wanted to get out of it. So we went.

The first few minuets of the flick they're talking a ton of jargon, code, geek speak. And I understood 99.5% of it. It scared me. Way too much. I wondered if my husband understood. But, that didn't stop us from watching. I noticed a lot of the audience was the "geeks" or those who work in the social media world in their companies. I fell into this group too... laughing at some of the same things... but my hubs... not so much.

We both thought it was a great flick and talked about it long after it was over. It was neat to see what "The Facebook" started out as and made us even more interested on what it will become.

If I were someone working in social media I would make my company pay for my ticket to see this. If I were an average Facebook user who wants a little history lesson go ahead and see it. I still find it kinda strange that they made a movie based on someone who is still very alive and only 26!


  1. LOL - love that you understood the geeky stuff and were laughing along. A geek at heart? You are still cool :-)

  2. Is this a RENT or BUY type of movie? Ya know I am kinda techie and Andy...well..we know Andy is FULL on GEEK-ISM!

  3. I would say a rental is good. If you wanted a date night I would pick a different flick :)