Monday, March 22, 2010

Mustard Anyone?

So I was shopping in Target the other day and found a great deal that I thought I would share...
Now, I know... not everyone uses it. Not everyone likes it. But Summer is around the corner and you know that means that the BBQs will be fired up with brats, hot dogs and burgers.

For a mere 54 cents I got a 30 oz bottle of French's Classic Yellow Mustard. Now if I only waited until Sunday for the 50 cent coupon in paper I could have paid only 4 cents!


  1. I "heart" mustard in a huge way, that looks good. Love it on a brat off the grill with onions! Now you are making me hungry. I just left Tar-jay boutique, but I wasn't mustard shopping. I have to go tomorrow too though so now I will keep my eye out, and I HAVE my coupon! I did get my favorite SoBe Lifewaters though that I love!

  2. FYI this was at the Target in Eden Prairie and there were PLENTY!

  3. Nice score, Kim!! Mustard makes me want to gag but that's a good deal :)