Thursday, March 05, 2009

Paying it Forward...

So it's not often that people do something nice for a stranger. Well... I was that nice person... not once... but twice yesterday.

So as I mentioned on Facebook if anyone eats at Boston Market to let me know because I had a deal for you. Well the only response I got wasn't valid because of where they lived. Ugh. So here I sat with a bunch of coupons... and no one to give them to.

Jerome and I went to Boston Market for dinner last night... do you see where this is going? Well I had a bunch of $3 off coupons and a bunch of free cupcake coupons when you purchase a meal. Great deal, right! Well I also had a coupon for a complimentary meal. Sweet! So there we were... standing in line... debating on what to get since both of us have only ate there once together... and I'm pretty sure that's the only time I had ever been there. The great debate.

Anyways... there were these two ladies standing in front of us debating as well. I told them... let me make it a little more confusing and give you some coupons. Little did I know that I just handed them my complimentary meal coupon instead of my intended $3 off coupon along with two free cupcake coupons. They were appreciative and went to sit down at a table to discuss now because of these fantastic coupons.

Jerome and I went thru the line and were at the checkout. WHAT THE?!?!?! Yeah... this is when I noticed what I did. I was okay with it though and went on to pay a whole $3 for my meal that included a cupcake! We sat down and Jerome said, "You didn't get anything to drink". Shoot.

Apparently I was really thrown off by not having my coupon that I spaced the drinks. Back up to the counter I went for some water cups and all was good. I saw out of the corner of my eye that the ladies who were sitting down with my coupons got up to make their purchases. I asked Jerome what they got since I didn't want to turn around and look.

We finished our meal and I moved onto my chocolate goodness. This cupcake was divine! Although, there was a little audience next to me eyeing it up as well. A little girl and her mom had finished their meals and we chatting about her day at school. Her eyes loved the site of my cupcake... but I wasn't about to give it up. Instead as we left I pulled out two more coupons for free cupcakes and asked if they came to Boston Market often. Mom agreed that they did and I told her next time... get a free cupcake for you and your daughter. The little girls eyes light up so big.

Four happy people. One warm heart and all at the cost of nothing!

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