Thursday, October 09, 2008

Crazy weekend

So I headed to Chicago last weekend for the first full concert that I've seen of NKOTB in 14 years... and this time, Jon was there! Tiff and I took the MegaBus at 7am down to Chicago, stopping in Madison, two places in Milwaukee and two places in Chicago, finally arriving shortly before 4pm.

Once we arrived in Chicago we split ways. I headed for the Metra train station. I took an additional hour train ride to Melba's house. I was staying at her house for the night. We ordered some fantastic pasta, calzones, and pizza from a place near her house and then went out to the corner bar. Yes... the corner bar :) We had $5 drinks that put us in the best dang mood :)

The next day was concert day. We went out to breakfast with Mel's mom and Mel's daughter. Then we headed over to Kohl's were I picked up a super cute purse. We also stopped at the Jelly Belly factory before we left for home. While in Kohl's I received a text/phone call from a few of the girls who were from MN that were also down for the show. A few of them met the guys outside of the arena :( I'm happy for them... I just wish I was there too.

We made our way home and waited for Mel's hubby to come home so we could leave little Nicole in his hands and head to the show. I helped Mel get her afro puffs in order and we were on our way. We listened to the greatest hits on our way down.

I don't want to give too many details about the show here... so if you want to know more about the show you'll have to go to

How's that for a cliff hanger :)

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