Sunday, July 13, 2008

Southern Paparazzi

Sunday was our freebie day. We didn’t have any plans… so… we went to be paparazzi of the stars in the area. We went to see where Jaime Lynn Spear’s new house is – right in Liberty all about 5 miles from the House. She’s just starting to build a fence along the property line. We couldn’t really see the house though.

Then we headed over to Jerome’s aunt’s house. She knew where Tyler Perry’s house was, along with his first house. Jerome’s mom hopped in the car with her and we followed behind in the van. He’s got one huge brand new house. We figure that he could have been sitting out front of the house because he had someone from his family pass away and funeral was being held this weekend.

Then we headed over to Kentwood to see Serenity – Brittney Spear’s house. That was pretty interesting. I even took video of her property.

We stopped at Sonics again… I of course had another Chocolate shake and burger. Then we headed back to Jerome’s aunt’s house to chat for a bit before we headed back to the house. We had to pack up all of our stuff as we were leaving out in the morning.

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