Sunday, July 13, 2008

Southern Needs

Monday, July 7th we were on the road back to Minnesota by 11:30. We stopped at the local grocery store to stock up on our “southern needs” – grits in a bag, moon pies, chico sticks, and Stage Plank cookies. Jerome chose to drive so we are on our way.

We stopped at Boomland, a favorite apparently of Jerome and the girls… or at least it was. Apparently Boomland has been revamped and is no longer as fun as it use to be. Needless to say there is no need to stop there ever again on our way through.

We stopped for a few hours at a rest area… but that’s about it. We drove and drove and drove and arrived back to Minnesota around 10 am Tuesday morning. My feet are the size of watermelons they are so swelled up from the heat, the drive and all the salty southern food. Ughhh. If they don’t go down over night I’ll be heading to the doctor to see if there is anything wrong.

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