Sunday, June 22, 2008


So our annual garage sale was this weekend. I have to say it was a total success... even though dumpster diving sucked this year. Next year though, I plan to have it Thursday, Friday, and Saturday... and skip Sunday.

Friday was really busy.... Pam helped me out pricing and sorting things. She and her family were in town and it worked out perfectly, since Jerome wasn't able to take Friday off. They left around noon to head to their next stop.

Lisa arrived around noon with lunch. I got fried and I think even heat stroke. Seriously. I put an ice pack on my neck and head while we were waiting for Lisa and Rod to figure out where/when we were going out to eat. We went to the buffet, but I was so tired and achy. My head was throbbing. I kept drinking water through out enough.

Saturday Jerome and I set up and had a few customers. A definite drop from Friday. Lisa showed up again after noon. The three of us ended up passing the time with a trivia game, I was pretty tired so Lisa read the questions. It was pretty fun and I think I'll save it for future garage sale lulls.

Sunday Jerome and I set up and then Jerome worked on PST's car. I worked the sale - with the few people that were showing up. I don't think anyone really even showed up until about 10am. Ugh and it was 1/2 price day! We closed up shop at 3pm or so because it had started to sprinkle. I started packing up all the left over goodies but there is still plenty to do.

Next year... same place... different days of the week and well... who knows what weekend so keep gathering your unwanted stuff and stick a price on it... we will have another sale next... and who actually knows... perhaps again before fall t00!

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