Thursday, May 08, 2008

Dumpster Diving 2008... what a bust.

Well there is only one more section of town to cover and that's next week (this week is a skip week). It's unfortunate that there has been such crappy weather on each and almost every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of all the past weeks for diving.

We've had snow, rain, wind... everything. People haven't been able to get into their garages and clean them out because the weathers been crap. People haven't hauled their stuff to the curb because it's been raining. It sucks!

Jerome and I went a few times... but the best was what I already posted - all the plastic stuff. We did find some fencing (gotta try and keep Pork Chop in the backyard instead of the street!), a fence gate, an outside dog house, a kids rocking chair. But that's about it. It sucks... did I say that already?

On an up note... with all the rain it looks like the lilacs should be blooming soon! Yeah!

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