Monday, March 31, 2008

Oh Pork Chop...

So on Saturday I took Pork Chop into PetSmart for a puppy bath and trim. He was suppose to get his sanitary parts trimmed, nails trimmed and face trimmed along with a bath and a nice fluffing. He should get a bandanna with that too.

Well... I went there and checked him in. Ends up that there was a puppy class that was graduating that day. I got to talking to one of the "moms" who had a dog that looked like a Cockapoo but wasn't. She asked me about Pork Chop and I said that he was in getting groomed and that I'm sure he was a handful. I kept listening to the class while I waited to see how long it would take for Pork Chop to get to the point where he was being groomed. About a half hour to forty five minuets later Pork Chop was being held down by two people and they were trying to get his nails clipped. Within 15 minuets the loud speaker was announcing that Pork Chop was ready for pick up in grooming. Oh boy.

So I went in and the girl (all of fourteen) was trying to put his leash and collar on him. I told her that I could put it on if she wanted. She stated that she could get it. Then she realized that the leash we have has an extra loop on it so that it's a "gentle leader". I took it from her and said let me just pay.

She told me it would be $49.99. WHAT?!?!?! She said the breakdown of whatever it was. I said hold up... he's four months old it should only be $14 for the puppy package. Then she said something about checking me in as the wrong person. Good lordy. Then she said something about me asking for a teeth brushing. Again... he's four months old... he doesn't even have all of his real teeth yet! She changed my price and printed an invoice for me to take to the register. Ughhhh.

Two people came up to me and asked me about Pork Chop... the said that they had stopped by the grooming station and was looking thru the windows and said that it looked like he had a rough time in there. Yup... that's my pup.

I wrapped up with them and headed to the register to check out. I swear they only gave him a bath. I was pissed. Low and behold she still charged me for the teeth cleaning. Whatever. I checked out and was about to go on my way when a lady checking out at the other register said "and that's Pork Chop". I turned and said yeah... he's four months old and was a handful in grooming... I looked at the cashier and said that I'm sure he would hear about it it later.

I left very disgusted.

Today I called them and talked to Andrea. She told me to come back in that they would clean him all up and clip those nails. And refund my money. Let's just hope that when I do go in some time this week that I'll actually get what I was told.

When we got home I gave Pork Chop a bone - here's a pic of him gnawing on it and turning all red. I took a look at his nails and it ends up that one or two of them were cut but they were cut so short that they were bleeding. Ugh.


  1. My vet said to put the paw in flour to stop the bleeding. I hope he's doing better.