Monday, March 31, 2008

March Round Up

Holy cow... March just swooped on past me. This month we were suppose to work on organizing our dining room through Org Junkie's Monthly Round-Up.

Here's before:
And here's after:

I added a white board, calendar/bulletin board and mail/key rack to attempt to control all of our paper/mail/appointments and notes.

For April we're suppose to work on our Master Bedroom. Lord knows ours needs some help!


  1. Fantastic work! I love the way you organized the wall. Way to go.

  2. It looks great. I love the calendar/bulletin board and mail/key rack. I'm sure having that keeps you much more organized. Great idea.

  3. Looks fantastic! I love the message board and calendar you got going there.

  4. It really looks so nice. Love the message board wall!

  5. So with all the comments about the message center I thought I'd let you know about where I got the items.

    The white board and the calendar/corkboard were on clearance at Target.

    The mail bin system was from Storables:

    If you take a closer look or click on the photo to make it larger you'll see that on the white board - which is magnetic - I have a black box which is a magnet from Ikea to hold the markers.

  6. What a great Command Centre. It looks fantastic as does your dining room table!!!

  7. Fabulous message center! I like the wall space. :)