Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Two for the price of one

So last week with all the excitement of Pork Chop I spaced the blog roll of the week... so today... you get two.

The first goes to Six Thirty-Seven.
Who: J.J. Killins. She has a daughter Alla, who's thirty three months (yes, she has a thing about doing it still in months!) and another baby on the way with husband Ronald.
Where: She and her family live here in Minnesota.
Why: She's got get photography skills, and yes, an inter-racial family... I love reading about other people like us... well we don't have the baby part yet... but you know what I mean! She's friends with Susan, who was already featured in a blog roll here.

The second feature today is to Dooce.
Who: Heather B. Armstrong. Married to Jon and has a daughter named Leta.
Where: Salt Lake City, Utah
Why: Great photography skills - picture a day of her dog Chuck and sometimes the new pup Coco. She's got a way with words - but I like it! There are also tons of great stories about Leta.

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