Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Restaurant Review - Cafe BonXai

This weekend Jerome and I decided we wanted to go out to dinner on Saturday. We knew we didn't want a burger or chicken... okay... hummm where should we go. We figured we would go to Fridays. Ugh... same ol same ol. Then the brilliance came to me. We headed to St. Paul to go to The Best Steak House on University.

When we got there we noticed that it was dark - but with hanging blue lights in the windows. Interesting... since this was a place that had booths from 1920 with original coffee stains on them. Yes, The Best Steak House is a dump... but it has some great food! We drove passed it and went around the block so we could park in the parking lot behind the restaurant.

When we drove in I noticed that sign said "Cafe BonXai". WTF? It's gone Asian? We went in to see what the menu way anyways after all, we trekked all the way from home to get here. Inside we noticed the same grill kitchen that The Best Steak House had. But turning the corner was something totally new. Burnt orange walls, blue hanging lights that were above new black leather or pleather booths and tables. Candle light with flower arrangements on each table. Swanky!

We were seated by a man and a waitress ran right over with water. Nice we don't even have to ask for water! We looked over the menu. I noticed a lot of things that sounded good, but was in the mood for steak... since I thought we were going to The Best Steak House! I settled on a 10oz Steak, baked potato and veggies. Jerome had the same conclusion but added a side salad to his order.

We watched as tables were being served their food... each dish had a beautiful touch of culinary skills to it. Jerome's salad came out - of course I was thinking Midwest Side Salad with iceberg lettuce and a few carrots. Nope. Out came with - non technical term coming up - dandelion lettuce and spinach, carrots, cucumbers in wacky shapes and I think sprouts. It looked divine.

Then came our steaks. Yum-o. For $11 each we will defiantly be going back there. Their dessert menu also looked delicious. Tiramisu was on there and a few others. They also have a liquor license so if you wanted wine with your meal you were set as well.

We will be going back to Cafe BonXai... it may become a place we take people from out of town if they want to travel to St. Paul.

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